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708 South Bond St. Baltimore, Maryland 21231 | 410.327.0445
Originating in 2003 as a Grand Marnier bottle club, the thought was that if Mike could sell enough memberships to fill our charter member case located by our front door, OEM would be a huge success. We now have over 2900 members in our club, and claim the title of being the world’s first and largest Grand Marnier Club, selling more Grand Marnier than every bar, restaurant, nightclub, cruise ship, and casino across the world! All of the bottles that you see displayed around you are not just for show; they actually belong to individual members of our club. They are located using an alpha numeric coding system. In addition to the bottles displayed on the first floor, the basement is completely full and our most recent members are located upstairs. We offer two different memberships here at One-Eyed Mike’s - “Grand Marnier Cordon Rouge” and “Grand Marnier Quintessence”. The Cordon Rouge Club membership starts at $175.00 for your first bottle and all membership fees for life, $100 for every renewal. Our elite Quintessence Club membership starts at $1700.00 for your first bottle, $1,000.00 for every renewal. We also offer a variety of Grand Marnier ala carte.

One-Eyed Mike’s has become widely known for our food, quality of service, and of course our world famous “Shot In The Dark”. What is Shot In The Dark? The easiest way to find out is to stumble in one night around 1:45am and grab a shot of Grand Marnier. 

Part of the old school charm of One-Eyed Mike's is that it's not located among the other taverns and restaurants in the heart of Fell's Point. It stands alone, located just off the beaten path on a cozy block of Bond St. It's a place where the locals frequent, and refer to as their own. At One-Eyed Mike's we've created an atmosphere where "you're a stranger here but once". You'll be greeted in a welcoming manner by all the staff upon entering. Don't be surprised if they introduce themselves and ask your name. They're sure to remember it.